Exterior Windows | Types And Options

Exterior appeal is most important for any type of house. If you are renovating your house you may think of some changes to the exterior view of the house. When it comes to exterior view of the house, the main accessories that you plan for are your exterior windows and doors.

There are different types of exterior windows right from traditional wood look windows to contemporary flat panel styles. The basic factor for deciding a right kind of exterior windows and doors for your house is to consider the architectural style of your house.

If your house has a royal look, then traditional wooden exterior windows and doors would match the royal tone. If your house is centered among green meadows with sumptuous light and air then go for exterior windows and doors that are endowed with glass panels that allow light inside.

When buying the exterior windows and doors you also have to look for hardware that suits the doors style. There are various types of styles and among them brushed nickel, weathered brass are the most popular styles. Your exterior windows and doors hardware should gel with other characteristics that your house features.

Let us look for different types of exterior windows. Most of the windows are designed for protecting the inner elements of the house, but very few are designed to resist extreme weather conditions.In the frequent storm influenced areas, the normal windows may resist debris, rainwater and cold wind entering houses. You may add wooden shutters to control them but the latest solution is installing exterior storm windows.

The exterior storm windows are either designed incorporating tempered glass or polycarbonate materials replacing glass. Installing storm windows is not a difficult job. You can get them from hardware shops or Home Improvement stores that are framed and ready to mount. You have to take proper measurements to install the exterior storm windows, however they are provided with extensions for improper size windows and odd sills.

The exterior storm windows are placed between the exterior wall and the normal windows. A caulk is applied to seal out leaks around the sash but not on the bottom sill. Stagnated water is removed between the walls and the interiors. The storm windows are aligned to the outer shutters and fixed with screws. They usually take square shapes to prevent seepages and loss of insulation.

Another option to make your house look appealing is to install vinyl exterior windows. They are most popular and an excellent alternate to wood, aluminum and fiberglass windows. They are widely preferred because they are less expensive, energy efficient and require minimal maintenance. They offer excellent degree of insulation by making your living space warm during winters and seal it from heat during summer.

Vinyl exterior windows are recyclable if you care about the environmental effect when you dispose them. Known as PVC (polyvinyl chloride), it can be molded, dyed to any color and shape. Even if any of your existing vinyl windows need replacement, it may not cost you on higher side. Some of the surface finishes include matte, glossy and faux wood finish.

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